MY EV , 85 electric fiero

MY EV , 85 electric fiero
A conversion of a gas engine powered car to 100% plug in electric.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Well from the Picture below to this in just 2 days... I coated all the hold downs in this plasticote stuff I found at Harbor Freight. It is designed for making rubber handles on tools. hopefully it will hold up to the acid and stop the hold downs from corroding. I also tucked some wires away so they wouldn't be seen and put some extra wire into the wiring harness for future expansion...
One thing that I have never mentioned ... last year, at the end of the season I removed the tires and rims. I sand blasted the rims till the paint and clear cote were gone and then i primer and painted and re-clear coted them in what i think is a more modern style. Then I took them out and got some new rubber put on then ... I splurged a little and got the Goodyear Assurance tires... One of the lowest rolling resistance tires on the market... The tires set me back 520$ but the ride quality felt great for a low roiling resistance tire. I hope there is a range increase.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Well It has been a long winter here in Ohio. Lots of snow and I really didn't want to leave the house. I waited till the last min to do some upgrades. First of all. I decided I killed my first pack trying to drive it in too cold of weather... Shame on me. So pictured here is 20 brand new batteries waiting to be installed. I also have made a guard above the motor to stop water and acid from falling on it when I wash the batteries. I was having issues with not being able to wash them really well due to the fear of washing water into the motor when I cleaned them. Now it shouldn't be a problem. Just a few more Little things and reinstalling of the batteries and I will be driving again .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have been building some of the components for my digital dash .. the other day I decided to test out the bar graphs.. this is the video of that ... now i am cleaning them and coating them with a product called liquid tape (for electrical tape). Once they are all dry ... buy time I am done typing this I need to get some nerve up and superglue them all together in one unit. Then in the near future I am looking at getting a different radio. This one will be a inch smaller top to bottom ... this will leave a gap to be filled above the radio ... These should fill it nicely. The second video is my Zener Diode battery equalizers at work. It shows how They shunt power from the full batteries and don't take it from the week ones. I am graphing the batteries daily but a few days into the graphing I found a Bad cell In battery 14.. So it kinda was throwing a wrench into the works ... But graphs will be coming some day


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Digital Dash.

Digital dash project.
I am eliminating the Paktraker because it has never really worked properly. It never read the Amp draw correctly. So I ordered 2 panel meters for the dash. I have made a 9v. power supply and a voltage divider using these guides. 9 volt power supply and the voltage divider.

I got the dash out with no problem. Used my handy dandy Dremil tool to chop the dash and then started mounting the panel meters and power supply. Then there was a problem ... the top panel meter was reading gibberish ... So i connected up my leads to the bottom one and it read correctly ... Either it is faulty or I damaged it playing with it the other day ... I will order anther and hope it gets here before long. This bottom picture is the top gauge on the fritz and the bottom hooked up to a 9v battery.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's been a cold winter.

Back into the EV driving season ... hopefully It will become 70 soon and just stay there. I have been starting on some projects. Mainly I have been buying stuff for projects. I want to build Zener diode Battery regulators. Right now I have no pack balancing so I want to make a set and then as a Help to the community I want to monitor the improvements. I am also making a 10 led Battery bar graphs for each battery. My Paktraker has crashed and I am not interested in replacing it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

COLD hard facts!

So needless to say it is getting cold here in Ohio. How cold? 24 the other night when I drove home. I have a difficult situation for a EV. First of all I need 32 miles a day to get from home to work and back. That is more than some cars will go. Then I work 2nd shift so my trip home is in the dark. Sometimes with wipers on and it is always colder. I built the most efficient car I could find so that I would have extra left over. So when it got cold I could use heater and lights. Well after coming home the other day and feeling the voltage sag I decided to research it a bit more into the Effects of cold. I called my crown distributer and he looked up the data sheet for me. The data sheet said @80deg F they are 100%... @32deg F they are 80% rated capacity... and at 0deg F they are 30 % rated capacity. These numbers are way bigger than I ever thought they would be. So the options are....
1) Call it a 3 season car and deal with it.
2) heat and insulate the battery pack.
Well I did not design my battery pack very well for insulation. I have individual battery off buy themselves. So I think It is gonna have to be a fair weather EV.
I hope someone reads ths and understands how cold effects a lead acid battery. These were things that I never found before I built my car. I guess I was also fooled buy the fact I have seen frezer trucks in the forklift buisiness. I asked the Battery guy how they work and they Raise the acid level on the batteries. Making them Cold storage only.

Just the Cold Hard Facts :(


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Still at it !

I was scared at first. It got cold and the performance of my car went down hill. No way cold affects this that much.. I was thinking what a horrible mistake making this car. It was barley making the 35 mile a day trip now and I was too scared to run the heater. Then It warmed up and... I was still having problems... Then I stated testing everything and checking things out. There it was. Bad cell In one of the batteries. Must of happened on the first 32 degree night. Well now, one off colored battery latter and I am back in business. I guess In my original purchase of batteries the factory had ran out of red tops... So they put my batteries in black cases until they got the shipments in. well now if I get one replaced I get the red top batteries :)
I decided that the stink in the garage over time would rust my car and tools if I didn't do something about it. So I got a bathroom exhaust fan that moves 50 CFM of air. I decided to blow it out the soffet on the usually down wind side of my garage. I will find out tomorrow if It does good. I also got a 12 houre timer that I still need to wire in so I can just turn the dial and walk out and It will shut itself off.